School Matters! 2013

School Matters! is a series of events started in 2012. As a first attempt I organized a panel discussion about the different educational systems co-existing in Zug.

Here you can see the invitation to the event. At that time SwissLinked was called ZIBF (I  know, but we changed it!)ZIBF_School_Matters_Invitation

An inspiring panel discussion
An inspiring panel discussion

Here we are one year after the first School Matters! discussion organized in Zug. It is still heartwarming to remember the success, the countless positive feedbacks received.

If you were there, I’m sure you remember the good mood, the open mind of the participants and the many funny moments of the evening.

We kinda poked a beehive with that discussion about different educational systems co-existing in and around Zug. We booked the room for 2 hours, after 3 we had to ask the audience to leave. So many questions, very polite and politically correct at the beginning, more agressive and embarrassing towards the end.

We achieved our goal; a dialogue has opened and one year later I’m here organizing the second chapter. On a whole new level.

There will be workshops at given times, so that everybody knows at what time what topic are we going to discuss. There won’t be any adveritsing or sales activity on the stage, only discussions, presentations, workshops; information and inspiration.

Schools, Kindergartens and nurseries will have stands around the room, there will be time for networking; everybody will be able to connect with the audience.

Shall I disclose more information at this stage about the program of the day?

I don’t think so…whatch this space and discover more in the coming days!


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