Shake that hand!

The frequency of hand shakes was my first surprise in Switzerland. When you arrive to work, when you leave, when you meet colleagues on the street or in a supermarket…you always always shake hands.

With children, with neighbours, with colleagues, with teachers…you name it! Several times per day you grab the hand of somebody else, you firmly look into their eyes and you shake. A very civilized way of greeting; not as personal as the French with all that kissing going on in their country, not as distant than the polite bow of Asian countries. Just right, what we all can cope with.



Except that I have a long lasting tennis and golf elbow. Shaking hands several times per day is ok with women or kids. Even with men at the beginning of the day, but after having shaken 10-15 hands, if a strong man shakes my hand my eyes roll back, I gasp for air and I force a fake smile into my face. Shaking back? Out of question.

Where does that leave me? We all know that we have only 1 occasion to give a good frist impression. What kind of impression do I give about myself?

Who knows, I never dared to ask the shakers of my hand.

Instead I finally decided to have some physiotherapy for my elbow (long overdue, but without the Swiss-handshake-factor I would have never made time for this) and invest regularly in manicure. If my hand can’t be firm, at least it looks ok. Hoping that this counts.


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