Masters of Toast

I’ve always been fascinated by the importance of first impression. Studies show that people make important decisions based on it.

185570_238187176218323_112586172111758_590122_2527726_nWhen you go to an interview and you have approximately 1h to impress the recruiter, all you really really need to give- is an excellent first impression.

Shaking hand is one of those first important moments, but then you’ll have to talk. Introduce yourself, giving a speech of few minutes, possibly without ahs, ehms and grammar mistakes.

Can we, humble speakers of English as a second (third, forth..) language accomplish that difficult task way out of our comfort zone? Is it possible to train and get somewhat comfortable talking to an audience? As I recently discovered: yes it is possible and the solution is easily accessible to anyone!

What I’m talking about is obviously the one and only Toastmasters International; a public speaking group present basically everywhere in the world.

You can go to 3 free trial sessions, and even your drink after the session is offered by the club.

If you decide to sign up and become member you’ll have to pay chf 150 annual fee, and that’s it. You’ll receive a set of books to prepare your speeches and it is up to you when, how often and how many speeches you do.

The Masters of Toast of Zug are a friendly bunch of people from very diverse background, with one goal: improve the public speaking skills. There is a person to check the time of your speech, one who counts the aha-s, one who concentrates on the grammar mistakes and one who will evaluate your speech pointing out the good and bad points.

Anybody can learn and improve in this group.

There are competitions on divisional, regional and continental level, you can get to know many interesting people if you start participating at these events.

You’d like to improve your English? Your place is here.

You’d like to improve your German? The first German speaking Toastmasters club is being organized in Luzern!

If you’d like to try the club, just shout and I’ll be glad to invite you as a guest!


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