Restaurant stories in and around Zug

Which are the restaurants where you can bring your clients and be sure to make a good impression? The ones where the food and the service are good and the view is stunning? (Note: I don’t have anymore expectations of reasonable price; we are in Switzerland after all.)

Believe it or not, in Zug this is not an easy question.

Am I the only one who discovered a negative correlation between lake view and food quality?

One of the biggest mistakes would be to bring guests to Domus. The waiter drops the plate in front of you, the food is mediocre and you are luckier than me if you are not told off for arriving 5 (FIVE) min later than reserved. Even after 2-3 years of bringing groups there..

In front of Domus you’ll find Widder. Traditional Swiss food, like roesti, fondue etc. This might be an option if you have around 90min for being served.

Next to Widder you’ll find Pizzeria Platzmuehle. The pizza is good there if this is what you are after. Is this what you are after for a business lunch? Didn’t think so.

Liguria is the resturant where the lake view DOES justify the price. The food is excellent and Paolo, the owner is very professional and friendly. However you need to cross fingers and toes hoping that he will be there when you bring a guest…The waiter told us to order chicken nuggets next time, when my guest sent back a still bleeding chicken…ok, this can be considered our fault; in this place you really should eat fish and not chicken. Bad choice…but still…

Screen shot 2013-01-20 at 10.01.00My absolute favourite is the Falken in Neuheim. The food is amazing, the service is polite, fast and kind. I’ve never been disappointed, I can reccomend this restaurant to anybody who would like to enjoy a meal in an elegant environment. Dinners are pricy, but lunches are well priced. Check the websie for opening times, and you do need to book a table-it seems that the word about his place got out!

What is their secret…? I have no idea, however I suspect the distance from the lake.


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  1. Looking for fine food and a stunning view over Lake Zug? Try the restaurant of Hotel Guggital (

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