Learn about the work/life balance initiative @School Matters! on the 22nd of Feb

work-life-balanceSwitzerland is going to vote (yes, again!) on the 3rd of March. A constitutional amendment is presented to vote called the “Family initiative”. What is it about? Should I be interested in this?

Decide for yourself: this initiative might make life easier for every family living and working in Switzerland…

We are privileged to introduce Ms Claudia Lanter, member of CVP (the party which presented the family initiative to vote) to the audience of the second edition of School Matters! She will introduce the most important pillars of the initiative and will answer the questions- we sure have many!Working-Mum-And-Baby-dp-1

It seems that there are profound changes in the Swiss society which lead to rethink the role of the State in childcare. Switzerland is way behind other European countries when it comes to childcare. Certainly not because of financial reasons though… in this society women stay at home with children, even after kids reach the school age. However due to the higher education of our generation (and probably to the increasing divorce rate too), women would like to work more, which is nearly impossible with the present school system. We see kids walking to school at 8am, how cute! But what are they doing again on the streets at 12:00? And at 1pm? At 2pm? All day long??? What happens is that children walk home for lunch, sometime they go back to school for few more lessons, sometime they stay at home. The schedule of children might change from week to week. During primary school years moms have to be prepared to receive a phone call around 7am: “No school today, the teacher is sick!”Can you work around such a school system? Can you afford  a full-time nanny? There you go…

Yes, this initiative is important and will affect the life of most of the Swiss families. We are looking forward to learn about it more.vote


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