Popcorn Hour

The ultimate networked media Jukebox

Popcorn HourWhat can you do more with this gadget than with the old box you have under your TV set? As I discovered: plenty!

You can upload all sort of files; photos, music, films etc, which is basic function of it’s kind. The interface is very user friendly, no need for additional software setup and the Networked Media Jukebox Navigator App for iOS or Android, transforms any mobile device into remote controller. How cool is that?

An even better feature of this magic box is the possiblity of accessing its content anywhere in the world with a simple wifi connection. Are you travelling and would like to see the next episode of your favorite series? The most promising match of the season? Listen to your music or show pictures of your family? Go online with any device, type in your code and enjoy the content of Popcorn Hour you left at home connected to your home wifi.

Can it get better than this? Apprently, it could. You can accessorize your box with 80+ free Apps: watch golbal news, listen to Internet radio, use Twiter, YouTube, play games with family…you name it!

When I thought I knew everything about Popcorn Hour I discovered that I could download files directly into the box without turning on my computer. Not only films, music etc but even subtitles in 20 languages. After this point it seemed almost meaningless that this box can write CDs and DVDs in perfect quality…

If you are looking for a new multimedia box- no need to look any further.

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