Armor- Security App for Android


This month, I would like to recommend a security app for Android.

There are many apps we download on to our smart devices and by doing this we give the possibility to an outsider to have total access to the core system in our smartphone.

Androids are flooding the market nowadays and unfortunately, it’s just this kind of popularity which attracts the makers of malicious softwares. Previous predictions of smartphone threats, for operating systems such as Symbian, proved to be empty-handed; but Android users have been plagued by a range of malicious apps already. These range from dialers that send premium-rate text messages without your knowledge, to spyware designed to steal your passwords when you use your phone for internet banking.

Armor for Android is probably the best anti-virus software at the moment available. Apart from protecting you from virus by scanning your apps before you download them, it has many other features, like giving you the possibility of locating, resetting and sounding an alarm if stolen, all this via your computer. Another plus is that it costs only 1 chf in Switzerland and there are no monthly fees.

Let me know if you download it !


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