2nd Zug Job Fair

JobFair2nd Zug JobFair

The first Zug Job Fair took place in September 2012, and I can tell you, the organisation process was not simple. First of all nobody believed that there was a real demand in Zug for such a fair, the official unemployment rate being around 3%.

However I was 100% sure that there is a significant hidden workforce in our Kanton. It is not difficult to grab the concept, enough to consider that 34% of the population are foreigners who move here most of the time with highly qualified and experienced spouses, who do not result in the official statistics. How many are they? I would say around 10% of the population. This is of course a rough approximation, but I run a survey at the fair and learnt the facts- surprising the sceptical.

The second Job Fair will take place on the 27th of September 2013 and we prepare great workshops for the visitors. A part from the topics covered last year, we’ll have an additional workshop on Psychometric Training.

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