CommunityLinks- Registration process


I had a meeting with Harald F.Kasper, LL.M. Attorney at Law this morning to discuss the best way to give a legal structure to our charity; here is what I’ve learnt:

We need only 2 persons to register a Verrien (association), but it would be better to have 4-5 to form a board etc. Then we can open a bank account at the name of the Verrein and keep finances separated and clear. Different clubs are in general associations. The members can pay a fee ( it can be as little as 10chf/year and this is not compulsory, we can raise money in different ways). New members become part of to the association and the membership can be easily terminated if somebody moves away or wants to stop working/contributing by simply not paying a yearly fee anymore or sending an email.

Members have no legal responsibility only the ‘chairperson’, and only within the limits of the founding document the lawyer is drafting for us.

There are no limitations on how to spend the money raised; eg if we need to pay a graphic designer to make a nice invitation to a fundraising event or a teacher to do special activities with kids we can do it. We can spend on marketing material or renting venues for events, even an office if this grows further, but of course if we buy a Ferrari we’ll have some explanation to do to the tax authorities. The accounts will be audited on yearly basis.

In order to give a tax-deduction form about donations we need to complete a process which lasts 2 years, but we can start it as soon as we register and see where it brings us.

We are planning to have a first ‘general meeting’ on the 27th or May at 11am at Peace Foods in Baar, Harald is going to prepare the founding documents till then and he will be there to answer eventual questions. Would you like to be part of this exciting project?