Switzerland – Junior Leadership Camps


Are you interested in preparing your future career? Do you have already basic skills in English and want to improve them? Are you adventurous, athletic and cosmopolitan? Then come and join our Junior Leadership Training in Zug or Zurich.

During the camp you will not only improve your English skills but also learn to become independent and flexible. You will acquire knowledge about social skills and other cultures to compete in future in an international environment. This training will for sure enrich your personal development. The program focuses on the following topics:

• Communication: How can I prepare and conduct an effective presentation?
• Intercultural competence: How can I deal with cultural differences?
• Leadership: How can time management and setting priorities help me in my daily planning and what is group dynamics?

The program will be completed with company visits, museums, cultural sites, sports and leisure activities as well as interviews with CEO`s.


Zug: 21.07. – 03.08.2013, 3075.– CHF all inclusive

Zürich: 04.08. – 17.08.2013, 3075.– CHF all inclusive

SwissLinked Members benefit from 5% discount!

Do you have any questions? Contact us – Ellen Witzke 043 388 83 12 or ellen.witzke@berlitz.ch, www.berlitz.ch


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