German grammar for the summer

Don’t let grammar get into your way when learning German! We make it happen in an enjoyable way. Join whatever topic you want to brush-up or explore. Take any session whenever you feel ready for a particular grammar point. Non-binding, at your ease and speed. The sessions will be held in English. Each session 90 minutes.

1. Kasussystem (the cases, incl. gender/plural) A1+

2. Adjective endings (incl. comparative/superlative) A2+

3. Verbs & Tenses (incl. imperative) A1+

4. Passive A2+

5. Konjunktiv II (conditional) A2+

6. Konjunktiv I (indirect speech) B1+

7. Word order (incl. relative clauses) A2+

8. Partizipialkonstruktionen B1+

For information on exact dates and times of the above sessions visit the news section of Soft Landing website (


Each session 60.- chf. Childcare at the school can be organised for additional 15.-chf. Please register at


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