Become SwissLinked member

Would you like to become a valued member of our community?

You should consider first if you are ready to accept our two basic rules:

  • We are never anonymous. We make sure that profile pictures and professional information uploaded are real. At every event (ok, maybe black tie parties are an exception..) members are required to wear name tag. Owning up to your name on- and offline, is the best way to make sure that everybody is always at his/her best behaviour.
  • We are not free of charge. We are not extremely expensive either, but those who simply want to make online jokes or are after a free glass of wine, will stay away from our network.

Private membership:    200.-/year (1account)                                                                           Business membership: 450.-/year (3 accounts)                                                       Corporate membership: please contact us at Corporate fee varies according to the number of employees/partners.


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