Once upon a time (in the remote 2008)…there was a  group of expat moms who decided to help the most vulnerable group of their adopted county; the children of political refugees. They looked around to see if there is already a charity organisation they could join, but they did not find the right one. At the end they gave up going through the official channels and simply collected money in the school car park and from their husbands companies. When they were about to give up, they met a very helpful social worker and with his support managed to organise the first holiday party for the children. This happened 4 years ago and those moms created a tradition.


Every year the party became nicer and bigger, every year we had more children and more volunteers. Two years ago children of one International school joined the team of volunteers.

Is this the end of our story? I don’t think so. At this point we are looking for Swiss teenagers to join our kids in this effort, we are sure that working together helping the asylum seekers’ children will bring Swiss and Expat kids together and can be the beginning of great friendships.

This effort had no connection to any recognized association, and there are no political or religious ties or affiliations. At the moment of writing this post, I’m looking into creating a Verrein in order to give a legal frame to our effort of bringing the communities together. Working to help the Asylum Seeker’s Children is only one of the many projects we can do together; Swiss and Expats.

There is so much we can do!

Would you like to help? Do you have good ideas? A special skill? Some free time?

Are you a good fundraiser?

Get in touch with us; we need your help too!



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