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January 25, 2013

School Matters!-Zug Tourismus is in

I had an extremely interesting meeting with Urs Raschle, head of Zug Tourismus. I knew that the Kanton is worried about the lack of integration of the expat community, but it was new to me that now basically every office, department etc is trying to come up with ideas how to involve more foreigners into Swiss activities.

20703The idea came quite spontaneously; many families will be at the School Matters! on the 22nd of February…why not put a short presentation together about family and child friendly activites in and around Zug..? WHERE do Swiss families bring their kids, WHAT they do in their free time, HOW do they manage to grow them so close to the nature? How come they don’t seem to struggle to bring children outside to the fresh air?

Snap decision taken; they will be there and will share their secrets with us! Dare to say that Swiss people/public organization can’t be spontaneous!

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