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January 31, 2013

How to separate fact and fiction online, and avoid viruses.

One question that I get asked very often is how do I manage to filter the facts from the fiction online?
I guess the quickest answer would be, that as in real life or offline, you never take anything at face value. You must check and double check the sources, specially before you re-post the information yourself.
Very often on FB ( Facebook) I see in my newsfeed, people posting information that doesn’t make sense. A few examples following:
Facebook virus warning
Horses needing homes with a phone number enclosed
Prize offers, share to win a pair of ray-bans
Baby with cancer asking for donations
etc…the list is indeed long….
When in doubt please check some of the following pages to see if it is a hoax:

On twitter, I have had a message from someone stating that this other person was saying bad things about me with a Twitter handle, this is quite common and if you get it, please do not let your curiosity get the best out of you, and just ignore it.
Whenever you get a message, email or tweet from somebody you know with a generic title, that could be a simple as ”look at the picture I took of you” or ”this is for you”, ”look what they are saying about you”, etc…please resist the temptation and do not click on it.
Emails are the best way to spread a virus really fast, so please keep your anti virus software up to date, and read following advice..
Stay alert, it’s a jungle out there, and just because you feel comfortable at home behind the screen, it doesn’t mean that you should let your guard down.
When you get to know the online world well, you do develop a sixth sense, as you do with people in the offline world. It’s a question of practice. If something sounds or looks strange, it probably is, and when in doubt ..don’t click!

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