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January 21, 2013

School Matters! 2013- Andy is in!

Andy Habermacher is in for this School Matters! 2013…this is the news of the day, it really made the sun shine brighter. I received this very heartfelt and detailed mail regarding our cooperation:

(C)Andaleeb Lilley Photography 2009“Hi there

Happy to do  it – so yes count me in!


Why am I so excited about his participation? I’m sure he doesn’t need to be introduced, everybody in and around Zug knows that he is a Brain Leader, great coach and excellent public speaker.

At this point I must reveal another speech of the event…it is really a shame, I like to keep my secrets, but I would like to show you how Andy fits the program.

I already told about the speech on Bilingualism, and here you are; we’ll have one on Technology in Early Years.

Both influence the development of the brain; Andy is going to tell you and show you how.

Were you as afraid as I was to let kids use computer, Internet, games..? I really fought as long as I could. Now the first generation successfully survived and grew up, we have the first experiences. Was I right preventing them to use technology, or did I make a mistake?

Were you asking yourself how many languages those poor kids should learn at the same time? Will they be confused? Will they mix them up? Will they have a large vocabulary in every language? How do several languages mix with dyslexia, or other issues?

Come along on the 22nd of Feb and have your questions answered.

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