We promote your business!

Would you like to promote your business towards our members? All you need to do is offer something attractive and we’ll list your business on the list of partner companies. If you have more questions, the answer will be probably here:

Advantage for members:

The membership card offers different discounts and promotions to our members in shops, restaurants, service providers etc. The updated list of promotions is available on the website and we’ll inform you about new providers in the monthly newsletter.

Advantage for businesses:

Joining the card program, you’ll be able to attract new costumers and win the loyalty of your existing costumers. Small and medium size businesses often are not able to start a loyalty program on their own; joining the card program will just solve that problem. We’ll assume the marketing and communication of your business through the card, the website and the different platforms we use to get the word out about the membership card. You’ll always be free to decide what to offer and in which conditions. You can network not only with our members, but also with the other providers of the membership card program.

Target group of the card program:

You can direct your offer not only to our private members, but also to other businesses. Would you like to get more companies as client? Offer something attractive and we’ll make our best to get your offer to them.

How can my business join?

Contact us and we’ll discuss the details. We’ll help you to figure out what you should offer and in which conditions; we’ll find the offer which will be the best for your particular business. If you’d like, we can give you a small sticker to put it on the door of you shop, or on your website.

What shall I offer?

That really depends on your business. A discount is the simplest offer you can make, but not necessarily the most effective. Depending on your business’ profile you could offer a buy 1 get on half price or you could offer some insider information- often more appreciated than a discount. Maybe you have a particular day or time when you’d like to have more costumers. If you are e.g a beautician who has very few costumers on Monday mornings, you should offer 20% off your price on Mondays 8-12pm. If you are a bar who would like to have more people around 6-7pm, you should offer the second aperitif at half price. If you are a jewellery shop, you can offer a discount…or we can organize an event at your shop where you can share some ‘secrets of the trade’ with our members.

What if I change my mind?

You’ll always be free to withdraw or modify your offer giving us 2 months of notice. This is the timeframe we need to inform our members. E.g: If your beauty business takes off on Monday mornings, you might want to direct people to another day or time of the week.

My business would like to join the SwissLinked Card Program

Contact us: networking@swisslinked.com


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